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Cliffs and River

A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies . . . The man who never reads lives only one.”

George R.R. Martin

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About Me
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Tropical Island

About Tanisha

Tanisha Beecher Bell grew up in the beautiful island of Jamaica, but now resides in sunny Florida. She enjoys writing fiction novels that are just as fiery as the tropical weather to which she is accustomed.

Tanisha possesses a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, and a Master’s in Adult Leadership Education. She is constantly inspired by her husband and young daughter.

She has recently collaborated with RSVIP Services LLC, through which her books are being marketed and published. Her third novel is underway- She looks forward to sharing her stories with the world.

See you on the other side of adventure!

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BBA, M.Ed.

Escape to a new adventure

Star Cluster

Goddess Senya of Kingdom Svania is tricked by the Seer, Aries. Aries deftly sways the goddess into convincing the kingdom’s wizard, Ziva, to craft a dimension spell. This dimension spell could ultimately give the wizard teleporting skills, like his nemesis, Wizard Qarhan of Kingdom Asteria.


The wizard is won over by the goddess’ idea of a dimension spell, and he immediately gets to work, unaware of the Seer’s involvement and disingenuous motives. Through the successful creation and utilization of a dimension spell, Wizard Ziva inadvertently jeopardizes his own life and dismantles Kingdom Svania’s lifeforce. This is an outcome which the Seer may have secretly desired all along.


Empress Senya discovers her folly and races against time to correct her mistake of collaborating with the Seer in the first place. However, a new and fearsome lifeforce awakens to threaten all who live within the Kingdoms of Zannus Realm. It will take unique cleverness and vast powers to overcome this fearsome threat and stabilize the entire realm. Thanks for your help.

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The Chronicles of Lexi 

How much is too much? How far is far enough?

A young and gorgeous Jamaican woman, Lexi, haunted by a disturbing past, relocates to America to start a new life. However, what seems to have been the perfect opportunity for a new chapter, quickly transforms into the nightmare she thought she had left behind. Now fueled by anger, and hungry for revenge, how far will she go—to survive?


A sensuous and hilarious tale, “The Chronicles of Lexi will leave you blushing and breathless. Its dynamic characters take you on an adventurous journey of how life’s circumstances can transform the human spirit and reveal the unexpected.

             Althia Ellis, MPA

                 Author of "The Kids’ Roadmap to Business Ownership"

Chronicles of Lexi
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Vengeance Is The Only Verdict: it's Lexi Again

Flash-forward to the present, eight years later, as Lexi discovers her life was now in danger. Someone was after her and her family. One threatening phone call is all it would take to set the stage for her new nightmare.


Whoever was after her was out for blood. This time around, someone sought vengeance against Lexi. Will she survive this time around, when the only verdict is vengeance?


Verdict of Lexi
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