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Barbers, Beauticians and Hairstylist- Grow your business with RSViP app 📱

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

What Is It?

RSViP is a mobile APP that aims to transform your booking experience. To put it in other words, it is an appointment scheduling software and search engine created to ease the beautician sector.

However, don’t let the word scheduling APP misguide you – because it is so much more than that. RSViP aims to give you professional options, time-saving

Who Is It For?

Customers and service professionals alike.

In this article, we are focusing on the customer side of the app. If you are somebody who is going to get their hair cut, trim their beard, receive an amazing spa bundle, or anything beauty-related, then you are in our ideal target group.

In this fast-paced world, we strive to make your life easier, by taking some of your monthly or weekly worries away.

Why Do I Need It?

With the app, you can save so much more time, and not waste your nerves on making an appointment the traditional way. You will receive professional care and an exquisite experience that you will remember.

We know that waiting to get an appointment often leads to disappointment when the employee tells you that there are no available spots for the desired time. This is why you can check which dates are available ahead of time and plan accordingly.

Free download on IOS & Android. No monthly fees/No subscriptions



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