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Finally, 2021 is Over! -Jump Start 2022 with the #1 Beauty Booking App

A Tap Is All That’s Needed to Book Hair & Beauty Appointments Online

RSViP is a free scheduling app that connects clients with qualified beauty professionals by changing the way appointments are being made.

New York, NY (January 1, 2022) - The reviews for RSViP, the best appointments scheduling app, continue to keep flowing like never before. For the uninitiated, RSViP LLC is a hair & beauty booking app that simplifies the process to book appointment online. For long, booking beauty and wellness services meant clients have to stand in long queues and deal with the uncertainty of getting a slot. Along with this, there are times when they might not get through the phone or email of their favorite salon making it next to impossible for them to get a confirmed appointment. With the world becoming more and more digital, this is a concern that the beauty industry has been facing for quite some time.

Statistics show that people do not want to venture out any more for their daily needs. This is a result of the growing digitization and of course, the ongoing pandemic. For the beauty service industry, a disruption was needed and that’s how RSViP was born. It is created by industry professionals who were exhausted by the daunting process of booking appointments. They wanted to disrupt the method of scheduling beauty and wellness services that were much safer, more efficient, modern, and convenient for both the clients and the service professionals.

Why RSViP is the need of the hour?

Customers are not confident enough to opt for beauty or wellness services anymore because of the ongoing pandemic. Whether someone wants to connect to a fitness trainer to get back in shape or visit a tattoo artist, clients have become extremely unsure because of the lack of visibility of the safety measures establishments are taking. RSViP adds visibility to the process so that clients are able to find professionals who are certified and taking the necessary steps to provide safe and hygienic services to all their clients. In a very short period of time, businesses and independent contractors have seen a significant improvement in revenues once they started to use RSViP.

What others have to say about RSViP?

Several eminent publishers like ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, and CW have had stories on this app and many have gone to the extent of saying that RSViP is the Uber of beauty industry and has become a necessity in no time. It's not just publications that have seen the potential of this app, even clients have great things to say about RSViP. A few of the reviews are:

I started using the app around 2 months ago and it's truly amazing. I got my hairstylist to sign up and now she thanks me every time I see her. - Tonya

Honestly, the app sounded good but I never thought it was this good! I literally cut my time at the salon in half...real talk! - Aria

I'm really feeling like a VIP. I just go to the barbershop and jump in the chair. - Tavari

For those who need further information about how they operate, they can find that on their official website here at https://www.rsvipllc.com/

Media Contact

RSViP Services LLC

99 Wall Street Suite 3998

New York, NY 10005

Phone: (800) 644-0297


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