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Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Best Barber App

Everything is turning into digital form these days. Lots of businesses are now shifted on online platforms because of the benefits they will get from digital technologies. Similar to other businesses and industries, beauty and wellness industry is also using digital platforms to groom their business. For this reason, we are here to offer a mobile app for beauty salons by which they can groom their business and improve revenue in a greater amount.

Our mobile app offers great benefits to the businesses that are running under beauty and well being industry. It perfectly offers all the facilities that are essential to run any business successfully. So, here are some of the benefits that you will get from RSViP mobile app.

1. Reduces Wait Time

Most of the time it happens that customers have to wait a lot in barber & beauty salons. They physically have to sit in beauty salons waiting for their turn. Sometimes, this waiting goes too long that the customers get irritated and they leave the salon. Additionally, they don’t even visit that salon in their life because they had the image of that salon where he/she has to wait a lot.

While RSViP mobile app facilitates both customers and salons’ owners by allowing them appointment system. Both the customer and owner become easier with the system and the wait time reduces to almost zero percent. All you just have to allocate every customer’s request a specific time at which he/she should arrive at the salon. Physically, it will seem like there is no person in the salon but there will a list of customers that will arrive at your salon only on their own time. In this way, the customer doesn’t have to wait a lot for its turn and he/she can easily come to the salon as per decided time.

2. Listing of Services

Different beauty salons offer different services. Not every beauty salon offers the same services that a customer may have got from any particular one. In this way, there could be huge confusion between the beauty salon’s owner and the customer because it is quite possible that the services that a customer is looking for are not provided by you.

In this case, RSViP mobile app offers a great facility to list your services on your portfolio. On RSViP mobile app, your salon’s account will be created where you can list out all of the services that you offer to your customers. In this way, customers will not only be facilitated but you will promote your business easily to a huge audience. All of the people that use RSViP mobile app can see your services from your portfolio. Additionally, when they search for any particular service which you also offer, then your salon will appear as the recommendation. This is an easy and effective way to promote your business through your services.

3. Loyalty and Reward Programs

It is quite a chance that a customer that comes to you at the start, may start going to another salon because of some reason. It could happen because of bad services or high rates. In this case, your business can highly be affected.

For this reason, RSViP mobile app offers a great opportunity for both customers and beauty professionals in the form of loyalty and reward programs. When a customer proves quite loyal to any salon and keeps going over there for a long time, will get loyalty rewards from the application. In this, no customer will leave any salon and the salon owner will get better customers.

4. Cashless Mobile Payments

There is quite a chance that there appears a customer who doesn’t have any cash and he/she wants to pay through credit card or any other payment method. In this case, you either let that customer go by saying that you don’t have this service or you will install that system in your salon for the future.

In both cases, it is not much beneficial for your business because when you will let go the customer, you will lose an amount, and if you install a new system, then you will spend an additional amount. Additionally, that system will require maintenance after a particular time duration which will also cost you a great amount.

In this case, RSViP mobile app facilitates both customer and beauty professionals. The application allows the customer to pay via different methods that are commonly available near you. You just have to link your accounts on the application that you want to offer the customer to pay. The customer will select the payment method in which he/she wants to pay his/her amount and click the button. The amount will automatically be transferred from the customer’s account to your account, without any bank involvement.

5. Customer Management and Tracking

Another one of essential things that beauty salon owner has to tackle related their customers. When you give an appointment to any particular customer, you have to maintain his/her record manually that at what time that customer is coming, what kind of services he/she wants and how much amount you have to charge from him/her.

Additionally, there could be some scenarios according to which you have to deal with that customer exclusively. To manage all of these things manually can be quite difficult. It also offers a huge chance of mistakes like you can write the wrong time of that person and considering that he/she will arrive at that time instead of the actual time. All of these things can offer a huge problem between you and the customer.

On the other hand, if you use RSViP mobile app, then you will get built-in customer management and tracking system. All of your appointments will be managed by the application and also it will track each customer that in how much time he/she has to come and for how much time he/she is taking the services. In this way, you will not need to do all the management manually and get the managed appointments directly through the RSViP mobile app system.

So, consider all the above-described benefits that you will get from RSViP mobile app and make sure to use this app if you really want to grow your business better.


I like that with the RSViP mobile app, Salon owners no longer must keep up with appointments in a calendar or a phone. Even clients can see their scheduled appointments as well. It is a great idea.


Jennifer Sweet
Jennifer Sweet
Oct 06, 2020

Yes. The app is a great idea. Businesses should definitely take this opportunity to upgrade and make their business online. Giving their clients convenience and satisfaction.


This is a good idea that RSViP mobile app helps customers and salon owners make booking appointments easy. It is a "win-win” situation on both ends! Convenience is key in this day and time!

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