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Race: Tattoos

Updated: Aug 14, 2020


Both tattoos and piercings are decorations that are applied on the human body throughout history and by different cultures. There are a lot of discoveries that approved that ancient humans were applying tattoos and piercings on their bodies.

Tattoos are drown designs applied on the skin by using needles to inject pigment into deep layers of the skin then using colored ink. Most of them are permanent and lasts forever unless you think about removing them. If you think about removing your permanent tattoo, you will be required to afford a painful and expensive process in a tattoo shop.

Piercing is the process by which you make a hole in your skin to put jewelry in it, most of piercings are applied on the ear, but in recent times, they could be applied on different portions of your body such as the nose.

An important advice that should be followed is not to go to someone’s house for a tattoo or a piercing because he maybe not qualified enough to do it without causing infections. You should go to a legitimate tattoo shop. Searching for a legitimate tattoo shop may be a waste of time process. So, we have launched our free salon app to make it easier for you to surf a lot of available tattoo and piercing shops. You can discuss with them the safety conditions then schedule an appointment with the one that meets your needs.


What are safety concerns to consider before selecting a tattoo or piercing shop?

To make a tattoo, you will need to use a needle for injection. To have a piercing, you will need to make a hole in your skin. Both of them expose yourself to infections that may happen because of bacteria. These infections include scarring, permanent deformity of many other severe illnesses. So, you should make sure that the used needle is new and it hadn’t been used before. Another safety concern is following proper hygienic guidelines. If they are not followed, you may expose yourself to the risk of blood diseases such as hepatitis B and C. these diseases lead may cause more severe side effects such as liver damage. You should also try to avoid the metal type of dyes. This type is used unconsciously by some people without caring about its skin irritation and allergic reactions side effects.

Regarding piercings, there are also safety concerns to consider. When you apply a piercing to your ear, nose or tongue, there is a possibility of causing keloids above your skin.

So, when you use our app, you should find a tattoo or piercing shop that don’t expose your skin to the previous safety concerns.


What makes a tattoo shop safe and trustful?

There are many factors that should be found in a tattoo shop to encourage you to schedule an appointment with its owner. Consider these factors while you are surfing the available tattoo shops on our salon app.

  • Cleanliness: the staff who are working on the tattoo shop and the shop itself should be very clean. Areas should be separated enough not to move infection from a person to other person.

  • The staff should wear gloves while they are applying a tattoo and these gloves should be changed by others when the deal with another client.

  • Needles should be used only once with a specific client. It should be opened from its package in front of your eyes.

  • The tattoo shop should have an autoclave. This is used to sterilize equipment that are used in the process.

  • Regarding piercings, the used jewelry should be made from stainless steel, platinum, titanium or gold.

  • Make sure that the person who will make the tattoo has experience not a beginner.

  • Try to check the works made by different tattoo shops before deciding which one to book.


What are symptoms of infections caused by in proper application of a tattoo?

The improper application of a tattoo or a piercing may lead to noticeable symptoms such as inflammation on the skin area of the tattoo. While other diseases such as hepatitis C may have observable symptoms. The allergic reaction is considered a result of being infected by hepatitis C, there are some symptoms that could be related to the allergic reaction such as swelling and redness.

On the other hand, piercing may also lead to dangerous diseases with noticeable symptoms. Examples include inflammation of the heart or being infected by the penis foreskin that may lead to disability if not treated quickly. If you observe some of these symptoms, you should deal with it before exposing to severe conditions.

How does our salon app help to find the best tattoo shop easier?

  • Many talented tattoo shops: you don’t have only one or two available choices as you had used to have before. With our salon app, you will gain access to alternative shops with different designs and talented staff.

Save you time: If you have tried one tattoo shop before, but you had a bad experience with its staff, you will not be required to waste a lot of time looking for another one.
With RSViP app, all options are available. With just some clicks you will accomplish in minutes that would normally require weeks of trying to find another professional.
  • Reviews: you don’t have to try for the first time if you can see others reviews on the available tattoo shops. By these reviews, your selection process will go much easier and with no fears of trying for the first time.

Free of charge: our salon app is totally free, you will not pay any monthly fees. The deal will be only between you and the tattoo artist. You can also pay and give a tip to the selected tattoo artist by using the app.

By following precautions, checking others reviews and understanding the fact that all tattoo and piercing shops are regulated by the government, there is nothing to fear. You are safe enough to apply your dreaming tattoo either drown by yourself or suggested by others.



Anything free is okay with me! :-) I love the fact that RSViP is considering the times and offering an app that is free when it comes to booking appointments.


Jennifer Sweet
Jennifer Sweet
Oct 06, 2020

RSVIP app is definitely the best. Its feel great to have a better insight on the shop and knowing it is safe.


I think it is great that you are providing a free salon app for people to find legitimate tattoo shops. That is cool because it shows that you are really concerned about a client’s safety

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