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Top 5 Trade Shows 2021-Beauty Professionals Should Not Miss

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As a business professional, whether you own a salon or rent a chair, it is very important to seek new opportunities to elevate your business and craft. Trade shows exposes new products, technologies, services, techniques and is a great way to see where the industry is heading.

The beauty industry is up for a major disruption thanks to RSViP, the hair & beauty salon app. This groundbreaking app, has made people realize that the best appointment scheduling app is not just one that lets people book slots, but also helps them make informed decisions. RSViP saw this major gap in the way beauty appointments were made and created this hair salon booking app.

The app is particularly useful for those who are new in a city and need to find a professional that they can trust. Since word of mouth is not an option when one doesn’t know anybody around them, reviews and certifications are of great help. However, this is what was lacking in the industry and that’s exactly how RSViP helps customers. RSViP app has created a tidal wave in the beauty & wellness industry and continues to impress in all the tradeshows.

Here are the top 5 Tradeshows not to miss!

  • Three locations: LA, NYC, & Austin

  • Aug 21-24, 2021 Austin, Texas

  • Aug 29-31, 2021 Las Vegas

  • Independent Freelancers

  • Cosmetologists / Nails

  • September 11-13, 2021

Trade Shows are an excellent ways to interact with future customers and colleagues. Trade Shows offer a platform to learn new trends and market your products. The growing trend in the Beauty & Wellness industry is the use of technology. The use of technology, such as RSViP app is elevating barbers, hairstylist, nails/makeup tech, massage therapist and others in the beauty industry.


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