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Why Is Online Scheduling The Most Trending Thing Now?

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Beauty Establishments Can Now Modernize Through This Free Scheduling App

This is a premium beauty & wellness appointment app that makes booking hair & wellness appointments online a lot easier by taking the complexity out of the process.

New York, NY (May 19, 2021) - The COVID-19 pandemic has been a huge blow for several businesses. The old ways of working are not enough anymore and this has led to a closure of many businesses. Needless to say, the beauty and wellness industry is no exception. This is more because this industry thrives on services that is dependent on proximity and the growing concern of the pandemic has led customers stay away from beauty services. This required a change - a new way of doing business and giving customers that assurance that they are doing their part to ensure their safety. But to reach prospective clients a new platform was needed. And that’s how RSViP comes into the picture.

RSViP LLC is born out of the insight that a free scheduling app was always necessary because booking hair appointment online was always cumbersome. A hair salon booking app is the need of the hour so that clients can opt for their grooming session at any time. For businesses, RSViP is a boom because through this platform, they can reach their customers a lot easily.

This is not just a hair salon app, it’s a one-stop destine for luxury salons, massage therapists, fitness trainers, tattoo artists to reach their clients. Through RSViP, business can:

Invite existing clients and attract new ones

Offer instant confirmation to clients

Manage appointments

Modernize their business

Set up availability

Accept credit/debit card payments via Stripe

Set up promotions and rewards to give clients a reason to book with them

Independent contractors can easily connect with prospective clients through this platform. They will be able to:

Confirm, decline, or reschedule appointments

Accept credit card payments

Offers promotions

Get quick and direct deposit to their bank accounts

Retain clients through social media integration

Set up their availability and make efficient use of time

For professionals, this app is a must for business continuity. Along with this, they can manage their business in an organized manner avoiding booking overlaps and chaos that has been a recurring theme for most businesses. Several professionals have already given their businesses a new life through this app without letting the pandemic halt their business. Others have managed to organize their lives a lot better through this app.

How does RSViP connect professionals with clients?

RSViP LLC is a smart barber appointment booking app that uses an updated database of beauty professionals. This makes it the best appointment scheduling app as it efficiently connects users to new and talented beauty specialists by showcasing certified professionals and premium beauty shops in their areas.

With RSViP LLC, clients will now be able to enter the next generation of the way one can book hair appointment online through the best appointment scheduling app. The app is available for download without any monthly fees, contracts, and is completely free of cost. The days of long queues are now gone.

For more information, please visit

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Tanisha Beecher Bell

RSViP Services LLC

99 Wall Street Suite 3998

New York, NY 10005

Phone: (800) 644-0297 ext. 801


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