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Love Thy Hair

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

A woman hair style is not just an addition to her beauty, but also a participated part to her personality. It participates also in feeling confident. The more beautiful is your hair style, the more confidence you will feel. You can wear a beautiful dress with a great pair of shoes to shine in a specific appointment, but without having the best hair style, your hairdressing appointment may go wrong. So, you should care of the crown of your head regarding how it is being cut, what color you select and what style you apply.

In a hair salon, you will be allowed to select between different hair styles but regardless how many hair styles are available in this woman salon, there are limits. To go beyond these limits, we have launched our salon app by which you will have access to a wide range of talented experts from many different hair stylist. With some clicks, you will be able to surf a lot of hair styles offered by different stylist to find the best style that will fit your hair type.

How will our salon app make it easier to care about your hair style?

  • Available 24 hours/day: it doesn’t matter what time is it when you pick up your smart phone to schedule an appointment with your selected hair stylist. Just do it regardless the time, it is available 24 hours/day.

  • More alternatives: you had used to go to a specific woman salon, but now you have an access to a lot of woman salons with different hair styles and price ranges.

  • Price comparison: you will not be limited to the price ranges that are provided by your nearest hair salon, different price ranges are offered by different salons and they are available to compare between and select the most suitable salon with the best price ranges.

  • Easy pay and tip: you don’t have to carry money anymore, with our salon app, you can pay and give a tip to the one you have selected and booked.

  • Free usage: you will only pay for your selected salon with no additional monthly fees to the app as it is totally free to use.

How to find the best haircut

There is no doubt that you will be surprised by the wide variety of haircut styles that are provided by many different woman salons on our salon app, but in fact not all these styles could be perfect for your hair.

There are three main factors to consider before deciding which haircut style to select. You may understand these factors well while selecting your hair style, but it is more recommended to discuss the situation with your salon’s specialist as he/she will have more experience by which they determine the best for you.

To select the best haircut style for your hair, the selected hairdresser should be able to understand the type and texture of your hair. So, he/she will be able to know what styles that will be perfect if applied and what others that will not work properly if applied. Wrong haircut styles may also damage your hair, so be careful and make sure that the selected hair style is made for your hair type because not all styles can fit all women.

Successful and talented hairdressers are able to differentiate between the main four woman hair types and there subcategories that depend on the thickness of your hair. These types include:
  • Straight

  • Curly

  • Coiled

  • Wavy

The condition of the hair should be considered also, oily hair should be treated differently from dry hair. Once your hairdresser understand this factor, the selected haircut style will absolutely work with your look not against it.

The shape of your face

Your face appearance is always completed by your hair style as it is considered the frame for your face. By selecting the right haircut style, your face features will be accentuated. But if you ignored your face shape and did not take it into account, you may apply the wrong hair style that may age you or hide your beautiful face features.

Successful hairdressers focus on details. So, you can trust them to select the haircut style that matches your face shape. After using our salon app and scheduling an appointment, you can discuss this matter with the selected hairdresser before selecting a hair style.

Your lifestyle

After considering your hair type and your face shape, you should consider your daily routines and how they will affect your selected hair style. For example, if you are always in a rush, so high maintenance hair styles will not fit your lifestyle as they need hours to be ready before going outside. In contrast, the long layers hair style will be better for you as it is easy to wash and get ready before going outside.

How to maintain your hair style after application

After getting the best hair style for your hair, you will think about how to maintain it to keep it beautiful all the time. There are many products that are used to achieve this task. Don’t hesitate to ask your hairdresser about the best products to keep at your home and about how to perfectly use them. These products include lotions and shampoos that will always keep your hair healthy and fresh. There are also other products that are used as treatments for your hair, they will prevent split ends. Others also may be used to change the look of your hair style every day, they include hair sprays.

At last, make sure to share with your review after trying a specific woman salon. Your review will be a part of our salon app as it will help others as a recommendation of the best available hair salons for women. And if you have any suggestion, you are always welcome to contact us. Your happiness and easy life is our target and we will do our best to achieve this target.


Wow! I know by experience that if you ignore your face shape and do not take it into account, applying the wrong hairstyle ages you. I feel so depressed when I look older so now, I try to make sure I choose the right hair.


Jennifer Sweet
Jennifer Sweet
Oct 06, 2020

Its great that the salon app will not only provide convenience in creating an appointment but it will also help in surfing different hairstyles, helping me make up my mind before the appointment. So cool.

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